The DImax Solution

DImax is the first fully interoperable, truly vendor agnostic platform for Medical Imaging clinical and business analytics. Designed specifically to address the challenges associated with heterogeneous imaging ecosystems, DImax integrates quickly and seamlessly across the enterprise to deliver deep insights into end-to-end imaging operations, enabling targeted optimization of workflow efficiency, quality, and associated costs while supporting the emerging needs of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.


For Radiology

The Bialogics DImax platform for Radiology delivers comprehensive insights into end-to-end radiology workflow – from initial order to final results delivery. Using a combination of configurable dashboards and reports together with comprehensive data mining tools radiology leadership and administrators have the insights needed to drive evidence-based continuous improvement programs.

A few examples of our user configurable dashboards include:

DI Managers Dashboard

Operations At-a-Glance

Keep an eye on the daily activities and KPIs that are most important to your DI and operations managers with this customizable, at-a-glance dashboard.

Utilization Trends

Monitor modality utilization trends to uncover and address workflow bottlenecks or capacity challenges.

Patient Throughput

Gain an at-a-glance view into the number of studies completed by modality for inpatient, outpatient, and ED patients and compare trends on a daily, monthly, or annual basis.

Real-Time Queue

Monitor your imaging queue in real-time to see how your department is performing against wait-time and service level benchmarks.


Chief of Radiology Dashboard

Department At-a-Glance

As the chief of Radiology you can monitor reporting efficiency according to patient, order, modality, and other criteria to proactively identify opportunities for workflow optimization or training.

Monitor TATs

Accurately measure and track turnaround times by patient class (I-in O-Out E-emerg) and modality (CT, MR) to proactively measure performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Daily Imaging Queue

Keep an eye on your daily imaging queue with this at-a-glance dashboard to compare the number of exams completed to those awaiting finalization on a daily basis.

Workflow Analysis

Break down average procedure duration by modality according to each workflow step – from patient arrival to report finalization – to gain a real-time view department-level efficiency.


Clinical Stroke Management Dashboard

Procedures At-a-Glance

Investigate and monitor critical imaging pathways by disease or procedure (e.g. stroke management) from order and report data using a combination of structured elements and Natural Language Processing

Cogort Identification

Quantify the prevalence of specific disease states, protocols, and procedures across patient populations to drive evidence-based decision making and identify clinical research cohorts.

Benchmarks & Alerts

Define benchmarks and alerts to proactively monitor turnaround times for disease specific imaging and time sensitive patient care.

Patient Timeline

Access a consolidated view of your patients’ clinical timelines to monitor follow-up and treatment recommendations, track imaging trends, and assess clinical outcomes.


Efficiency Dashboard

Utilization At-a-Glance

Build a better business case, by tracking daily utilization rates by AE title, study volume, and procedure duration trends

Modality Portfolio

Build a portfolio of modalities to monitor by institution and AE title to comparative performance results, identify outliers, and define enterprise-wide best practices.

Performance Profiling

Take a deep-dive into utilization rates and procedure durations by time of day, procedure suite, performing technologist, or other criteria to inform resource planning, training, and optimization programs.

For Cardiology

The Bialogics DImax platform for Cardiology is designed to help cardiology practices maintain their edge as outcomes-based revenue centers while managing the transition towards value-based care. By aggregating and consolidating data points from across cardiac imaging modalities, devices, and systems DImax delivers real-time operational, procedural, and financial insights to optimize operational performance, workflow efficiency, quality, and ROI

Diagnostics At-a-Glance

Create unique dashboard views to reveal clinical and practice management insights that blend operational analytics with structured and unstructured data captured from the EHR, CVIS, and Cardiovascular reports.

Daily Workflow

Proactively monitor daily workflow activities and study volume trends by modality, procedure, and other criteria with configurable, at-a-glance dashboards.

Clinical Results

Monitor and follow Cardiovascular findings and diagnoses from imaging studies and reports at the patient or population level using flexible search criteria.

Follow up Exams

Proactively monitor follow-up examinations to ensure timely adherence, improve clinical outcomes, and drive revenue.