IDEA: Integrated Data Engine for Analytics

As an Integration Specialist

How do I decrease my integration time and resources requirements when all my resources are currently tied up with the implementation of EMR which does not give me the information access I need?

You’re the Director of Product Development

How can I get more efficient ways of extracting data from across multiple systems for the development of new applications, while decreasing development time and ongoing maintenance costs?

IDEA: The Advanced Integrated Data Engine

IDEA is PresiNET's unique “non-invasive “data engine designed for product developers and integration specialists looking for a simplified approach to overcoming the challenge of creating and implementing HL7 interfaces in healthcare. This unique data engine is designed for extracting data for information systems integration, business intelligence or application development wherever deep learning frameworks are required. PresiNET's IDEA engine is vendor agnostic, scalable and fully interoperable, excelling in collecting all IT messaging from standardized protocols including HL7, DICOM, and XML.

IDEA provides simultaneous real-time access to multiple data sets, without the need for multiple complex and expensive integrations. PresiNET opens the door to a supply chain of actionable data by unlocking access to both diagnostic modalities and Clinical Information Systems. The addition of custom optimization tools, that speed searches and exports data in user-selectable formats such as JSON, CSV with ODBC and Avro as an automated way to distribute the data just by calling of a script. Best of all, implementation and data validation only take a few hours!

IDEA maximizes the utility of our unique data extraction methodologies and speeds the path to application integration and development with proven accuracy. We closely assist our clients to deliver value through our IDEA that will meet your business objectives and clinical requirements.