Health Care: The Cardiomax Cardiology Analytics Solution

As a Cardiologist

Patient demands are growing, how can I increase the visibility of my patient workflow in order to increase efficiency and decrease my turn around times.

You’re the Clinical Services Leader

who wants insight into your cardiology imaging and diagnostic imaging testing procedures to identify opportunities for increasing workflow efficiency.

Cardiomax: Cardiology Analytics Solution

The Cardiomax Cardiology Analytics solution is designed to help cardiology practices maintain their edge as outcomes-based revenue centers while managing their transition into a value-based care approach. In order to realize true operational efficiency, cardiologists are looking for ways to easily gather information from the different cardiac imaging modalities and make sense of data that is often siloed in CVIS, PACS, and EMRs–there is a real need to have all of this data commonized onto one platform and make it easy to visualize. Cardiomax was developed to fill this void; it provides cardiology departments access to real-time operational data, procedural analysis and the ability for adhoc queries that present structured data in a meaningful way to help optimize operational performance, efficiency, and financial productivity.

Cardiomax: One Powerful Module to Provide Business Intelligence and Clinical Analytics Across Your Workflow

Study Management

The Cardiomax Image Management module helps you leverage the raw data from CVIS, PACS, and EMRs; whether it is CTs, MRIs, Holters or echocardiography, you are able to make actionable practice decisions from the information that is collected. DICOM, HL7, and XML messaging are all captured by our unique data engine and presented to you on one easy-to-use platform, giving you the ability to identify new strategies and assess operational efficiency—with all of the diagnostic imaging information at your fingertips.

Cardiomax Image Management Advantages:

  • Easily organize across different cardiac imaging modalities
  • Boost the understanding of imaging demand
  • More accurately identify the source of imaging
  • Obtain richer, detailed patient reporting
  • Improve patient experience
  • Manage staff resources better
  • Improve day-to-day operations

Practice Management

The Practice Management module enables a way for you to gain deeper insight into the flow of referrals and procedures so that the management of patients and resources can be adjusted to respond to meet market demands.

Cardiomax Practice Management Advantages:

  • Improved understanding of where referrals are coming from
  • Gain a clearer visualization of what types of studies are being ordered
  • Confidently track the insurance status of patients
  • Improve the alignment of services with Service Level Agreement requirements
  • Respond quicker to meet market demands
  • View data in real-time and compare to historic benchmarks

Procedure Management

With the Procedure Management module, you have the power to retrieve and analyze detailed information pertaining to the efficiency of the modality imaging process. The ease of obtaining this information results in more time for improving procedural framework and developing best practices for overall imaging performance.

Cardiomax Procedure Management Advantages:

  • Drill down to each imaging process step and compare activity
  • Flexibility to view by variables such as technologist, procedure, and modality
  • Easily visualize trends to improve best practices
  • Gain valuable insight for procedural planning
  • Clearly grasp asset use for better resource allocation

Drive Quality and Outcomes by Measuring Your Cardiology Practice Using the Cardiomax Analytics Solution

By using Cardiomax, you will gain access to metrics that enable you to better manage your cardiology department and ensure it performs as an outcomes-based revenue center. With accurate reporting and performance metrics and a 100% visibility of your clinical outcomes, your team will be more engaged and empowered with data to make your operations more efficient.

Everything you need to know about Cardiomax

Cardiomax captures data from the scheduling systems of all Cardiology diagnostic modalities and displays this data on an up-to-date or trended timeframe.

All patients are evaluated by Inpatient(I) Outpatient(O), and Emergency Patients(E).

Yes, all procedures and procedure codes are displayed and can be compared with Procedure Times to ensure consistency and resource optimization.

Yes, all referring physician studies are identified and can be analyzed by routine and trended time frames.

Yes, as with all PresiNET's products, data collected can be anonymized and exported for research or deeper analysis purposes in CSV and JSON formats.

No, Cardiomax can be delivered in multiple ways. Our application can reside on a single server or VM architecture or hosted on a Private Cloud network Regional Health Networks or IDN configurations. Cardiomax is sold in a Capex and Subscription pricing model with SaaS delivered over the cloud and accessed from any web browser.